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Velayudham 2011 Tamil Full Movie

Velayudham (transl. Sharp Weapon) is a 2011 Indian Tamil-language hero movie composed and coordinated by M. Raja. It stars Vijay in the nominal part with Genelia, Hansika, Santhanam, Saranya Mohan, Soori, Abhimanyu Singh, and Vineet Kumar in other unmistakable jobs. The music was formed by Vijay Antony with cinematography by Priyan.

The film spins around a resident who shows up in the city to gather cash and is convinced by a columnist to assume the camouflage of Velayudham, a hero, to destroy the wrongs relating inside the general public, for example, defilement and illegal intimidation. It’s story was motivated from the 2000 Telugu film Azad.

Velayudham delivered on 26 October 2011, and turned out to be financially fruitful finishing its 100-day dramatic run gathering ₹50–60 crore locally.

Vijay’s superhuman outfit was roused from Ezio’s character ensemble in Assassin’s Creed.

A youthful writer named Bharathi (Genelia D’Souza), alongside two of her companions, researches a progression of fear based oppressor assaults which have occurred in Chennai and furthermore criminal operations like illegal exploitation. At the point when they are gotten video-recording unlawful exercises occurring in a confined house one night by a gathering of hooligans, they endeavor to escape from them. While Bharathi’s companions are executed, Bharathi figures out how to escape notwithstanding being wounded by one of the hooligans, however after the assault on Bharathi and her companions, the hooligans’ vehicle detonates because of a little setback when a matchstick falls over petroleum bundles put away in the vehicle, murdering all the hooligans. Bharathi thinks of a groundbreaking plan to annihilate society’s wrongs by making and spreading an anecdotal character called “Velayudham” who needs to tidy up the city of psychological warfare and other criminal operations.

The scene at that point movements to a town called Pavunoor, where a milk seller named Velayudham pseudonym Velu (Vijay) is living with his more youthful sister Kaveri (Saranya Mohan), whom he cherishes beyond all doubt. He has a cousin named Vaidehi (Hansika Motwani) who is profoundly infatuated with him. At some point, Velu, Kaveri, and Vaidehi leave for Chennai to gather cash from a chit store for Kaveri’s marriage. At the Chennai Egmore rail line station, Velu’s cash is taken by Speedu (Santhanam), a frivolous criminal. Velu seeks after Speedu on a motorbike stopped at the station and figures out how to get back his cash, yet minutes in the wake of landing from the bicycle, the bicycle detonates. The stopped bicycle had a bomb which was intended to guarantee a psychological oppressor assault at the rail route station, and in this way, Velu unintentionally upset a destructive fear monger assault which would have slaughtered a few people. After a couple of more occurrences where Velu unconsciously forestalls more psychological militant assaults, he becomes obvious. She persuades him to take up the part of Velayudham and give desire to the individuals. In the symbol of Velayudham, Velu begins to annihilate the wrongs that relate inside the general public, for example, debasement, prostitution, and psychological warfare, among others. He before long acquires wide help and acknowledgment among people in general and even the police.

A couple of months after the fact, Velu re-visitations of Pavunoor with Bharathi for Kaveri’s marriage. Obscure to Velayudham, Musafir Ibrahim (Abhimanyu Singh), the head of a fear monger gathering, followed him to the town. Ibrahim needs to slaughter him since he, in the clothing of Velayudham, had upset each psychological oppressor assault that he had arranged in Chennai. Upon the arrival of Kaveri’s marriage, a bomb planted by Ibrahim at Velu’s home detonates, executing Kaveri.

A couple of days after Kaveri’s demise, a lamenting Velu gains from Bharathi that Ulaganathan (Vineet Kumar), the bad Home Minister of Tamil Nadu, is by implication liable for the fear monger assaults and Kaveri’s passing. Ulaganathan permitted Ibrahim to complete psychological militant assaults in return for cash. He even attempts to acquire ubiquity by asserting Velayudham as his thought, intending to uncover Ibrahim as Velayudham’s genuine character in a capacity at the Nehru Stadium, Chennai. Velu re-visitations of Chennai, murders Ibrahim, uncovered Ulaganathan’s offenses, and uncovers himself as Velayudham to the entire world.

Views: 573

Genre: Action

Duration: 186 min

IMDb: 6.0

Velayudham 2011 Tamil Full Movie
Velayudham 2011 Tamil Full Movie
Velayudham 2011 Tamil Full Movie
Velayudham 2011 Tamil Full Movie
Velayudham 2011 Tamil Full Movie
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