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Theri 2016 Tamil Full Movie

Theri (transl. Sparkle) is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language activity spine chiller movie composed and coordinated by Atlee and created by Kalaipuli S. Thanu. The film stars Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and Amy Jackson. Highlighting music made by G. V. Prakash Kumar and cinematography took care of by George C. Williams. The story rotates around a bread cook who holds a mystery way of life as previous Deputy magistrate of police and he is on a mystery Ghost Protocol mission coordinated by the Commissioner of police.

The film started creation in Chennai during early July 2015. Activity scenes were shot all through November, however the shoot was disturbed by the substantial flooding in Chennai. Also, poor climatic conditions in China implied that the group needed to desert actually recording for them arrangements there and rather selected to shoot in Bangkok.

The film had an overall delivery on 14 April 2016. The film was likewise named into Telugu and was delivered as Policeodu on 15 April 2016. Before the finish of its first 6 days in quite a while, Theri had earned ₹1 billion (US$14 million). In the United Kingdom, it broke Enthiran’s (2010) film industry assortment for the primary end of the week. Vijay won the Best Entertainer of the Year grant for his exhibition in the film at the sixth South Indian International Movie Awards in 2017. The film was adjusted into Assamese as Ratnakar.

Joseph Kuruvilla (Vijay) has a cheerful existence in Kerala with his girl Niveditha pseudonym Nivi (Baby Nainika), and runs a bread kitchen with (Rajendran). He meets Annie (Amy Jackson), Nivi’s class instructor, and the two of them become old buddies. After a progression of setbacks and disagreements with nearby criminals, Annie discovers that Joseph is none other, however, the “late” Vijay Kumar. Joseph uncovers his past as Vijay Kumar to Annie however cautions her not to enlighten Nivi concerning it.

Five years back, Vijay Kumar was a legitimate and upstanding DCP in Chennai. He takes up a case including the assault and ensuing demise of an IT representative named Raji. He discovers that the attacker is Ashwin, the child of Labor Minister Vanamaamalai (J. Mahendran). Vijay slaughters Ashwin and uncovers himself as the killer to Vanamaamalai, who pledges to render retribution on him for executing his child. In the interim, Vijay becomes hopelessly enamored with a clinical understudy named Mithra (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), and both in the long run get hitched and have an upbeat existence. Tragically, Vijay’s satisfaction is brief as Vanamaamalai, his more youthful sibling Ratnam (Azhagam Perumal), and their partners in crime jump into his home one evening and slaughter Mithra and Vijay’s mom (Raadhika). They fiercely attack Vijay and endeavor to suffocate his child girl, Nivi, in the bath. A perishing Mithra figures out how to safeguard Nivi and requests Vijay to take care from her, yet not prior to making him guarantee that he will stop the police constrain and turn into a tranquil and cherishing father to Nivi, prior to kicking the bucket in Vijay’s arms. Vijay fakes his demise, changes his name to Joseph Kuruvilla and keeps a position of safety by moving to Kerala with Nivi and his constable companion Rajendran to shield Nivi from Vanamaamalai and his pack.

At some point, while Nivi is on an outing, the brakes of the school transport in which Nivi is voyaging comes up short, and the transport dives into the backwater. Vijay, with the assistance of Annie, Rajendran, and the nearby individuals, figures out how to protect Nivi and different youngsters. He discovers that Vanamaamalai, who has understood that he and Nivi are as yet alive, was liable for the transport diving into the backwater to murder Nivi. Maddened, he chooses to forsake his peaceful standards and demolish Vanamaamalai and his group for the last time.

Vijay, acting himself like the “phantom” of Vijay Kumar, begins taking out Vanamaamalai’s thugs individually. He first executes Inspector Karikalan (Stun Siva), who is one of Vanamaamalai’s partners in crime and was available at the night when Mithra was murdered. The police are bewildered at the homicide as it was done inside the police headquarters and decline to accept that Vijay submitted the homicide since they believe that he is dead. The “puzzling passings” proceed, with Vijay pushing Ratnam to his demise from a high-story building being built by him. Vanamaamalai is blamed for executing Ratnam since both had dropped out, compelling him to remain in isolation. At last, Vijay permits himself to be caught by Vanamaamalai’s associates to enter his alcove. In the wake of disposing of Vanamaamalai’s partners in crime, Vijay murders him. The police before long show up at Vanamaamalai’s alcove, just to see his dead body swinging from the roof, and with no one else around, his homicide additionally gets sensationalized in the media as a secretive homicide. It is before long uncovered that the Chennai chief of police Sibi Chakravarthi (Prabhu) knows that Vijay is alive and covertly re-utilizes him in the police to lessen wrongdoing in Chennai in his “phantom” structure, exploiting the dread the negative components of the general public have for Vijay, while openly rejecting that he is as yet alive.

A couple of years after the fact, Vijay, a more established Nivi (Divya Saasha), Annie and Rajendran have moved to Ladakh, with Vijay having changed his name to Dharmeshwar. Yet, he keeps on turning out subtly for the Chennai Police, taking out wrongdoing in his “apparition” structure.

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Genre: ActionDramaThriller

Duration: 157 min

IMDb: 7.1

Theri 2016 Tamil Full Movie
Theri 2016 Tamil Full Movie
Theri 2016 Tamil Full Movie
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