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Kaththi 2014 Tamil Full Movie

Kaththi (transl. Knife) is a 2014 Indian Tamil-language activity movie coordinated by A. R. Murugadoss, and delivered by Allirajah Subaskaran under the standard Lyca Productions, alongside Ayngaran International, as the co-maker and Eros International, who appropriated the film. The film stars Vijay in a double job as carbon copies Kathiresan and Jeevanantham, and spotlights on the issue of ranchers ending it all because of corporate infringement. Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Tota Roy Chowdhury and Sathish, show up in other unmistakable jobs.

The film’s key photography started on 3 February 2014 in Kolkata, and shooting took places in Chennai, Nellore and Kadapa. This film denotes the second joint effort of Vijay and Murugadoss, after Thuppakki (2012). The cinematography for the film was taken care of by George C. Williams and the film was altered by A. Sreekar Prasad. The music is created by Anirudh Ravichander, and the film’s soundtrack got positive reactions upon discharge.

Kaththi was delivered worldwide on 22 October 2014, corresponding with the Diwali celebration, and got positive reactions, with acclaims for the story and screenplay by Murugadoss, Vijay’s presentation, and the film’s score and soundtrack. Previously, the film’s delivery, it confronted debates for literary theft charges, and the business connection of Subaskaran, the film’s maker, with Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa, which came about Tamil periphery gatherings to challenge the film. Kaththi arose as one of the most elevated netting Tamil film of 2014, earning ₹130 crore, consequently turning into a triumph. It was additionally one of the most noteworthy earning Tamil film in U.S around then. The film was named into Hindi as Khaki Aur Khiladi. In spite of being named into Telugu, the film was revamped into Telugu as Khaidi No. 150, featuring Chiranjeevi.

In Kolkata, detainee Kathiresan “Kaththi” helps the police catch a getting away from detainee Vivek Banerjee yet escapes thereafter. He goes to Chennai to get away to Bangkok with his companion Ravi. In any case, he drops this arrangement subsequent to meeting and experiencing passionate feelings for Ankitha, who hoodwinks him into accepting that she needs to wed him in the wake of understanding that he is really liking her.

Afterward, Kaththi and Ravi notice Jeevanandam, who looks like Kaththi, being shot by a gathering of hooligans. They concede him to a clinic, and Kaththi chooses to mimic the harmed Jeeva to escape from the police. Under Jeeva’s name, Kaththi and Ravi enter a mature age grand slam by Jeeva with the goal of taking ₹ 25 lakhs from that point for their Bangkok trip, until Kaththi finds out about Jeeva’s main goal.

Jeeva is a socialist ideologue and post-graduate in hydrology from the dry town of Thanoothu in Tirunelveli area who had found groundwater under certain terrains of the town which could be utilized as a water system source for the town, yet for the whole Tirunelveli locale and the adjoining Thoothukudi region. In any case, an eager MNC proprietor Chirag duped the locals into giving their territories for the development of a plant. Jeeva gets captured by the police, and six locals end it all to carry this news to the media bleeding edge and delivery Jeeva from jail. On learning of the predicament of Jeeva and the residents, Kaththi chooses to battle for their motivation while as yet acting like Jeeva.

The individuals of the old home and Kaththi go to the jury and attempt to persuade him to go for them, however Kaththi begins expressing rules and panics the principle jury individual (whom Chirag had paid off). Kaththi at that point sends an individual (camouflaged as a beautician) to Chirag and makes him lay a unique mark on Chirag’s neck. From that point onward, Chirag sends 50 men to slaughter Kaththi, however he overcomes them. Then, Jeeva winds up in the Kolkata jail. With the assistance of Vivek, who has heard his story and plans to murder Kaththi, he escapes with Vivek’s partners in crime.

Ignorant that Jeeva and Vivek’s partners in crime are set out toward Chennai, Kaththi puts forth attempts to persuade the media to carry the situation of the townspeople to public awareness, however the media is uninterested as they feel it’s anything but an exciting news. A couple of days after the fact, at the Madras High Court, the appointed authority pronounces the decision for Jeeva and the townspeople, yet adds that Chirag has asserted that specific locals working abroad have indicated their help for the manufacturing plant. On the off chance that they can’t demonstrate that their help was faked by Chirag inside the following five days, the decision will go in support of Chirag.

Since the locals who have denied supporting the processing plant are abroad and can’t come to Chennai inside five days to refute Chirag’s cases as their identifications are held by their workers for hire, Kaththi chooses extreme measures to sensationalize the issue. He, Ankitha, Ravi, and the mature age home prisoners block water supply to Chennai by sitting on the pipelines which convey water to Chennai from five lakes. With the predicament of Chennai individuals because of no water supply having acquired public consideration, Kaththi emerges from the pipeline following a couple of days and features the locals’ situation in a discourse to the media, which is broadcast cross country and moves numerous individuals. At this point, Kaththi has found that Jeeva has gotten away and is looking for him.

In the interim, Jeeva and Vivek’s cohorts arrive at Chennai, yet Jeeva is grabbed by Chirag’s colleagues. While in Chirag’s guardianship, he sees Kaththi’s discourse on TV and is moved by his endeavors to help the residents. On the night prior to the decision, Kaththi’s feign is uncovered, however he guarantees the residents that he will unquestionably help them. He reveals to them that Jeeva is alive, that he will save him from Chirag and hand him back to the townspeople with the affirmation of a positive decision. Kaththi goes to Chirag’s office, salvages Jeeva and slaughters Chirag.

The following day, the decision is announced for Jeeva and the townspeople. Kaththi, notwithstanding this achievement, doesn’t partake in the resulting festivities. All things considered, he gives up to the police and re-visitations of the Kolkata jail subsequent to promising Ankitha, who has now fallen head over heels in love for him, that he will wed her whenever he is delivered.

Views: 369

Genre: ActionDrama

Duration: 166 min

IMDb: 7.9

Kaththi 2014 Tamil Full Movie
Kaththi 2014 Tamil Full Movie
Kaththi 2014 Tamil Full Movie
Kaththi 2014 Tamil Full Movie
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