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Kaavalan 2011 Tamil Full Movie

Kaavalan (lit. ‘Protector’) is a 2011 Indian Tamil-language sentimental activity parody movie which is a change of the Malayalam movie Bodyguard composed and coordinated by Siddique. The film stars Vijay, Asin and Mithra Kurian, with Rajkiran, Roja and Vadivelu in supporting jobs. The story spins around a young lady named Meera who has a mystery sentimental interest in her protector.

The melodic score is made by Vidyasagar, and cinematography is taken care of by N. K. Ekambaram. The film’s chief shoot initiated in April 2010 and it was finished by November. Initially, it was booked to deliver on 17 December 2010, yet the delivery was delayed to 15 January 2011. The film was chosen to be screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

The film was a business achievement, and the crowd commended Vijay and Vadivelu for their comic-timing in the film.

Bhoominathan venerates Muthuramalingam, a rich amazing property manager, and in line with his folks, he acknowledges to work for Muthuramalingam as his guardian. There enters Muthuramalingam’s adversary, who has lost his girl since she ended it all, the explanation being dismissal by Muthuramalingam’s child. While Bhoomi secures Muthuramalingam, his opponent compromises the existence of his girl Meera. Nobody acknowledges Bhoomi and he powers this when he imagines that Meera’s sibling is a hoodlum and assaults him causing him to get terminated. Bhoomi saves Muthuramalingam from an assault and they together fends the assailants off. Muthuramalingam at long last recruits Bhoomi back.

Bhoomi is shipped off school alongside Meera and her companion Madhu to shield them from the danger. Bhoomi joins a similar class where Meera contemplates, as he has recently suspended his schooling. Meera doesn’t care for Bhoomi following her as a protector, and accordingly plans to redirect him. Meera brings Bhoomi over his cell phone from a private number and presents herself as “Ammukutty”. At first, Bhoomi loathes the portable call as it will upset him yet later on builds up an enjoying towards Ammukutty and gradually love blooms for Bhoomi without realizing that it is Meera herself. He saves Meera from an assault from Muthuramalingam’s adversary.

At a certain point, Meera also feels herself getting pulled in to Bhoomi and communicates her craving to meet him face to face without uncovering her personality. Be that as it may, because of conditions they can’t achieve this, and she chooses to abscond with Bhoomi for which he concurs, ignorant it is Meera. Anyway through specific methods, Muthuramalingam becomes acquainted with that Bhoomi and Meera will flee and sends his men to stop Bhoomi. Bhoomi whips them effectively yet her Muthuramalingam beats Bhoomi. Meera catches her dad’s arrangements and chooses to save Bhoomi by lying that he is enamored with some other young lady and has wanted to abscond with her. Muthuramalingam saves Bhoomi, accepting that Meera isn’t his darling, yet sends his men to the railroad station to discover Bhoomi’s sweetheart. He additionally trains that Bhoomi ought to be murdered if there is nobody in the rail route station.

Meera, in a urgent endeavor to save Bhoomi, thinks of an arrangement. She demands Madhu to go to the rail line station and claim to be Ammukutty, so that Muthuramalingam’s men will save Bhoomi trusting Madhu to be his darling. Meera likewise gives a cell phone to Madhu and educates to offer it to Bhoomi when she meets him (as Bhoomi’s telephone is broken) with the goal that she can uncover reality to Bhoomi. Madhu concurs and leaves to the station. Over yonder, Bhoomi gets shocked seeing Madhu in the station and accepts that it is Madhu who was imagining as Ammukutty up until this point and embraces her. Muthuramalingam’s men see this and leave the spot, accepting that Meera isn’t Bhoomi’s darling.

Out of nowhere, Madhu gets a bring in the versatile given by Meera. Madhu comprehends that the call is from Meera and she needs to address Bhoomi. Amazingly, Madhu discards the telephone from train, following which it is uncovered that Madhu likewise prefers Bhoomi, and she chooses to wed him by double-crossing Meera. Meera comprehends that Madhu has played a stunt.

Quite a long while later, Bhoomi, presently a highest level government official, presently re-visitations of Muthuramalingam’s town to visit him alongside his child Sidharth. Muthuramalingam’s condition is sick. It is uncovered that Madhu has kicked the bucket a couple of years back because of some clinical afflictions, however she has composed all reality in a journal and offers it to Sidharth to peruse it after her demise. Sidharth has taken in all reality. Madhu has likewise referenced in the journal that this fact ought to never be uncovered to Bhoomi.

Meera stays with her dad, and Bhoomi gets stunned to realize that Meera actually stays unmarried. At the point when Bhoomi and Sidharth are going to get back, Sidharth requests that Meera accompany them and communicates his desire to call her as mother. Bhoomi chides Sidharth for his proposal and apologizes to Meera and Muthuramalingam, yet Muthuramalingam additionally demands Meera to go with Bhoomi.

Presently Bhoomi, Meera and Sidharth leave together from the town. Only the before the train begins, Sidharth heads out to toss the journal containing reality in a residue receptacle and returns, however Bhoomi reclaims the journal from the residue container without Sidharth’s information and understands it. After perusing the journal, Bhoomi is stunned realizing that it was Meera who adored him for the sake of Ammukutty. Eventually, Bhoomi additionally entire heartedly acknowledges Meera.

Views: 383

Genre: ActionDramaRomance

Duration: 155 min

IMDb: 6.7

Kaavalan 2011 Tamil Full Movie
Kaavalan 2011 Tamil Full Movie
Kaavalan 2011 Tamil Full Movie
Kaavalan 2011 Tamil Full Movie
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