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Azhagiya Tamil Magan 2007 Tamil Full Movie

Azhagiya Tamil Magan (transl. Cute Tamil Son) is an Indian 2008 Indian Tamil-language activity movie composed and coordinated by Bharathan, composed by S. K. Jeeva and delivered by Swargachitra Appachan. The film stars entertainer Vijay in a double part as an ESP competitor and a play-kid without precedent for his profession as both the saint and foe, while Shriya Saran, Namitha, and N. Santhanam assume in supporting parts. With cinematography by K. Balasubramaniam and altering by Anthony, the film’s score and soundtrack is created by A. R. Rahman.

The film spins around a dominating competitor who can foresee future occasions. With his extraordinary capacity, he distinguishes a few grievous future occasions, including the endeavored murder of his darling by a copy. The film was delivered on fourteenth of January 2008 and disseminated worldwide by Pyramid Saimira. The film gathered $1,043,064 or ₹8 crore at the abroad box office, and homegrown assortments around ₹30 crore in 2008 taking generally speaking, assortments around ₹40 crore. The film got positive surveys and turned into a fruitful endeavor.

The film was propelled from the Hollywood film Final Destination, like which hero Vijay has ESP.

Sify investigated that, the crowd hailed and were engaged by the lowlife Vijay character’s exhibition.

Gurumoorthy pseudonym Guru is a MBA understudy and competitor living in the rural region of Pallavaram in Chennai. He takes an interest in a state-level running rivalry where he meets Shakthi, who additionally partakes in the opposition. Master comprehends that Shakthi needs to win the opposition which will help him secure a work through games amount as he is the lone provider for his family. Abinaya nom de plume Abi is the lone little girl of the rich money manager Anand Chelliah and is a companion of Shakthi’s sister. Abi challenges Guru that Shakthi will be the victor of the opposition. Master chooses to run gradually so Shakthi can win. Later Abi comprehends that Guru has deliberately run delayed behind Shakthi and starts preferring his character. They become old buddies and gradually love begins to bloom between the pair.

Out of nowhere, Guru imagines a couple of peculiar episodes which additionally happen now and again later. Master counsels a therapist and he says that Guru endures with a disorder called extrasensory insight (ESP) whereby he can become acquainted with about certain future episodes. Master stresses that such musings upset him intellectually and he can’t carry on with a quiet life.

Master and Abi’s folks become more acquainted with about their affection and they intend to get the couple hitched. At some point, Guru fantasies about cutting Abi and gets terrified that Abi will be killed without help from anyone else sometime in the future. So he chooses to avoid Abi for a couple of days and leaves to Mumbai without advising anybody. In Mumbai, he sees his carbon copy, Prasad, who is an extremely rich person financial specialist and a Mumbai-based Tamilan.Now Guru accepts that it would be Prasad who will wound Abi and follows the last mentioned. In any case, while going across a street, Guru meets with a mishap and gets hospitalized by the nearby individuals for a couple of days.

Then, Abi begins searching for Guru as he has not reached her for a couple of days because of the contention before the stretch. Presently, Abi meets Prasad in a shopping center and confuses him with Guru. Abi converses with Prasad and takes him to her home. Prasad is a cash disapproved of womanizer, who was once brought into the world with a rich and well off way of life, just for it to end, when his folks kicked the bucket in a plane mishap and their colleagues removed all the cash. Prasad comprehends that he sees the same and Abi has mixed up him as her sweetheart. Prasad chooses to use the chance and plan to wed Abi, so he can lead a tainted rich way of life, with the assistance of a bad gem specialist named Sait, who is additionally his partner and companion.

Master gets released from the medical clinic and attempts to contact Abi. He likewise comes to Chennai to meet Abi at her home. Presently everybody is stunned to consider Guru to be Prasad as the two of them look precisely comparable and Abi is befuddled that who is truly Guru. Prasad imagines as Guru and made everybody accept. Master’s companions direct a running competition to locate the genuine Guru, as Guru is a competitor, however as Guru doesn’t perform well because of his mishap in Mumbai, Prasad dominates the race which causes Abi and his companions to trust him as Guru. The following day, while Abi converses with Prasad, she finds that he confounds an occasion happened before which causes her to understand that Prasad is the person who is with her and not Guru. She attempts to flee from Prasad, while Prasad pursues her. Master attempts to protect Abi and execute Prasad. However, when Guru is going to wound Prasad, Abi inadvertently pushes Prasad and gets cut by Guru.

Master is stunned and Prasad pushes Guru over and takes Abi with him. Prasad concedes Abi in a clinic and again imagines as Guru. Abi accepts again that Prasad is Guru. Abi tells that why somebody is an attempt to removing a young lady who is enamored with another person and she says that Prasad should not have destined to genuine guardians. Prasad understands his modest conduct after hearing this and admits that he is Prasad and not Guru. In the interim, Guru likewise races to the clinic. Prasad apologizes to Guru and Abi and leaves the spot. In transit, he meets Dhanalakshmi, whom he met during his train excursion to Chennai with whom he had intercourse during the excursion. However, she joyfully reports that she is pregnant with twins and the two of them join together.

Views: 428

Genre: ActionDramaThriller

Duration: 171 min

IMDb: 4.5

Azhagiya Tamil Magan 2007 Tamil Full Movie
Azhagiya Tamil Magan 2007 Tamil Full Movie
Azhagiya Tamil Magan 2007 Tamil Full Movie
Azhagiya Tamil Magan 2007 Tamil Full Movie
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